2024 - Association: Operation of Gedser Wind Turbine has started cooperation with the Lolland Falster's mill guilds. Via website and posters, the association will inform and introduce tourists to Tour Lolland-Falster's Historic Stock, Post and Smock Mills.
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2024 - Juul's Museum: Initiated Object ID Registration
Cultural and Industrial Heritage Collection

15 September 2023. Poster setup prior to booked visit of Alte Stromer Berlin.
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12 September 2023, Elmuseet in Haslev has donated Juul's patented low-voltage stove (1936) to Juul's Museum in Gedser.
Likewise a member of our association has donated a high-voltage baking oven, incl. transformer and instruction manual, to Juul's Museum.
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VIDEO: 1977-1979. The Gedser wind turbine during NASA test runs
Thanks to Kristian H. Nielsen we can present this unique video of the Gedser wind turbine in action. Kristian H. Nielsen, associate professor and head of the Center for Scientific Studies at Aarhus University, released the video in 2010 when he published a journal article comparing the technological development of the Gedser mill and the Smith-Putnam wind turbine. You can request a copy of his article: (click here) at

July 2023. Nicole Kühr has offered to crochet another mini model for the planned Juuls museum. An offer, we accept with great pleasure. Also on behalf of tourists and crochet lovers.

"I am 31 years old and live in Austria. I enjoy traveling with my husband, who works as a mechanic in the wind industry and also photographs wind turbines around the world, which is why our trips usually include several stops at wind farms. In 2019 I had the opportunity to To visit your beautiful Denmark and came across your Gedser Wind Turbine.
I saw this exotic, interesting building from afar and said, "Oh wow, that looks pretty cool and so different from the other modern wind turbines. We should take a closer look."
I was told that the Gedser Wind Turbine is a kind of "mother of all wind turbines". Since I love crocheting, the idea for a new exotic project was born. After a lot of research and many mistakes, I finally succeeded, and that's why I like to invite you to show my own small Gedser Wind Turbine made of wool."

Contact Nicole Kühr:

2016-25. Offshore Symphony

2016. Frank Pecquet and two students from Sorbonne University, Paris, produce a web documentary about Eolienne de Gedser. Inspired by the rushing sound of the Wincon rotors at the time, Frank Pecquet composes an offshore symphony as a homage to Johannes Juul.
Gedser wind turbine has been assigned the role as the "leading voice" and the offshore wind farm, 15 km afar and visible from the Gedser wind turbine, as the "chorus" of the Offshore Symphony.
For a detailed technical description, click on the pdf button below:

The Offshore Symphomy is to be installed in coordination with the reconstruction and recommissioning of the Gedser Wind Turbine.

Gallery - Energy Debate

The painting above and the comment below show how vulnerable energy strategies are to shifting global geopolitics. Such as the tension between Russia and NATO, Russia's invasion of Ukraine February 24, 2022, and the clandestine bombing of the Nord Stream natural gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea, September 2022.

July 2022 - After visiting Gedser July 2022, Kirsten Rosenstjerne sent a painting to the museum/gallery for the Gedser Wind Turbine. The painting was accompanied by Kirsten's comment: "Last year we saw the construction of the Baltic Pipe Line across Funen. Gas supply from the North Sea to... Really a swath through the landscape. I painted a picture in frustration."

Gedser Ginkgo Soundgarden

Video via Google app.

Frederik and Emilie in Gedser Ginkgo Soundgarden

Prelude to Offshore Symphony

The Gedser Ginkgo Soundgarden was inaugurated in 2018 as a prelude to the Offshore Symphony (composed by Frank Pecquet in 2016 as a tribute to Eolienne de Gedser). Where the windmill converts the wind into electricity, the wind sculptures in the Soundgarden convert the wind into melodic sounds. Ginkgo biloba trees are planted between the wind sculptures, hence the name Gedser Ginkgo Soundgarden. Gedser citizens, tourists and sailors (from Gedser Marina) provide natural and recycled materials for the creation of wind sculptures.

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    Lollands Bank is participating in the project. The bank e.g. financed the establishment of the Association's bank account.

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    The Danish Association: Operation of Gedser Wind Turbine is in the process of compiling a list of associations/organizations/fora worldwide that work for the preservation of historic wind turbines. This is actualized by the need for a global transition to green energy. Preservation of historic wind turbines can contribute to citizens' acceptance of modern wind turbines in their immediate area.

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